Four units breaking down the production of a TV news show.

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We live in a time that demands citizen engagement and media literacy. It is our responsibility to empower young people by making them aware of the importance of communication and involvement and giving them the tools with which to engage. One of the most powerful mediums for communication is television. Students should know how it is produced, how to view it critically, and how they can get involved. This series of lessons about television production focuses on three learning strands: production, media literacy, and career opportunities.

The series is based on content from TV One's NewsOne Now, a daily television news program hosted by Roland Martin, that offers a variety of elements for study and analysis. The lessons require students to work in teams to mimic an authentic production environment and feature high-interest clips that support learning objectives. Through analysis of the NewsOne Now material and activities in which they plan, produce, and edit their own content, students will become more familiar with the world of production and what it offers.

At the end of this series, students will have produced a thoughtful, purposeful television production that demonstrates an understanding of the production process, the tools and technology involved, and the need to be media literate in the world today.