Introduction to Unit

Have students take out their phones or get online and find a news story that they think is important (important can be defined by them: newsworthy, funny, serious, shocking.) Have them communicate their choice to at least one other student as they would in their personal lives: verbally, via social media, in an email, etc. If they are unable to do this in school, simply lead a discussion about their choices and how they would share them.

As a result of this exercise and throughout their experience on the project, students should be considering this question: What makes news important, interesting, and reliable? Post the question in a prominent place in the room.

Tell students they will be joining teams to create a news production as the culminating project for the unit. (Teacher: You will be assigning teams to mirror the work experience in the real world, where team members would not be able to pick their coworkers – although many staff members at NewsOne Now do talk about choosing the job because of their respect of team members’ work quality, personality, and reputation.)

At the end of your Introduction, post your production team assignments. These assignments should be simple lists of student names, do not assign particular roles at this time. Explain to students that, for the rest of this unit, they should participate in class activities with and as a part of their team.